I am involved in the following research networks and collaborations:

Centre for Digital Anthropology

The Centre for Digital Anthropology aims to be the leading research hub which locates digital technologies in the rich context of human society and culture. Through teaching, research and a dynamic series of regular events, we encourage a global perspective on the development, structures, and practices of digital technologies.

ESRC Centre for Research on Socio-Cultural Change

CRESC is one of the leading interdisciplinary social sciences research centres in the UK. Established in 2004, the centre carries out research into recent social and cultural change, with a particular focus on the role of institutions, politics, ideas, social relations and material arrangements for shaping social lives. Since 2011 I have been co-convening a strand of research within CRESC on Infrastructures and Social Change.

Social Life of Digital Data Objects

This is an ESRC funded initiative led by Evelyn Ruppert at Goldsmiths College, University of London. The project is exploring the risks and vulnerabilities of ‘big data’ by using sociological and anthropological methods to understand the on-the-ground challenges of large data sets.

Centre for Energy and Environmental Research in the Human Sciences (CENHS)

CENHS is a first-of-its-kind: the only research centre in the world specifically designed to sponsor research on the energy/environment nexus across the arts, humanities and social sciences.

CRESC Encounters Collaborative

The CRESC encounters collaborative brings together CRESC researchers to explore the potential and limits to academic/non-academic collaborative working.

The Detachment Collaboratory

This is a project started up by Matei Candea, Joanna Cook, Catherine Trundle and Tom Yarrow, with support from the Economic and Social Research Council which accompanies and extends a series of panels and conferences focusing on the theme of detachment.

Data Ethnography

the art of seeing the social

Hannah and Damian's 90th

Hannah and Damian are celebrating 90 years in the world

Civilisation, Infrastructure, and the city

A cross-disciplinary symposium at UCL, Friday November 7th

Life Off the Grid

Relational Infrastructures for Fragile Futures

The New Aesthetic

anthropology, technology, climate change, infrastructure, expertise

Blog - Anthropologist among Architects

anthropology, technology, climate change, infrastructure, expertise

This Sociological Life

A blog by sociologist Deborah Lupton

Building texts

Some online co-ordinates for Eeva Berglund

Material World

A Global Hub for Thinking About Things

Global Social Media Impact Study

anthropology, technology, climate change, infrastructure, expertise


This blog is no longer updated


anthropology, technology, climate change, infrastructure, expertise

Michelle Bastian - Home

anthropology, technology, climate change, infrastructure, expertise

manchester climate monthly

To inform, inspire and involve


The Social Lives of Digital Data-Objects